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Hickory 1892

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Così come quella richiamata in questo post...

...le biciclette di Elliott Hickory erano sorprendenti per le soluzioni avveniristiche. Guardate questa del 1892:







Unique parts can be found in almost every area of this bike. The wheels use wagon wheel technology with hickory rims, spokes and hubs. The framework aft the crank is also constructed from hickory. The lower chain stays would flex giving a more comfortable ride on the wagon-rutted “roads” of the day. The built-in hickory fender is also the sole support for the seat mast assembly which again would absorb vibration. The rear spoon brake is operated by a small chain running inside the frame which runs over a series of rollers inside the stem, head tube and frame. Since the chainstays are a fixed length, the crank assembly has built in adjusters to remove the slack from the chain.


Many of these features show up later with more advanced materials. Hickory becomes carbon fiber, internal chains become internal cables/hoses and the crank adjusters become an eccentric bottom bracket. Just a few examples of current features based on century-old designs.


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Mi chiedo se la semplice soluzione del movimento centrale regolabile non sia praticabile pure oggi, piuttosto che quei costosi e complicati eccentrici...

Certo, il bullone di fissaggio dovrebbe essere ben saldo...

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