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sono alla ricerca di qualsiasi informazioni riguardante i telai FAMINA !

Ringrazio sin da ora tutti quelli che parteciperanno alla discussione

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Hi, my track bike is a Famina Professionnal and i'd like to have some informations too !!!

My bike is full chrome platted.

My ex-girlfriend had a Famina Professionnal road bike, grey and chrome platted.

On the french forum a guy's got another track bike but like my ex-girlfriend's one, grey and chrome.

Those 3 Bike i know are tall, mine is 61cm, my ex's was 59cm and the other guy's is 60cm.

A friend of mine told me that it could be an italian migrant arrived In France around the 70's. Because of the mixed threads :)

My frame is weird because of some details, italian threaded bottom bracket (Dura Ace + Ofmega) and french steerer (for 22mm quill stems) a unique Nitto Jaguar NJS.

All those bike were equiped with high quality parts, mine is full Dura-Ace track (bottom bracket, crankset and chainring are NJS stamped), my ex's was Stronghlight competition and Dura-Ace equiped. And in my memories the other guy's was in full Dura-Ace too.

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I only got videos, sorry dude.


You're welcome in the forum Sir!

For your famina try to' contact 'pherrillo' in this forum or ' pogliaghi' they maybe know something useful to' you!

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