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Peccato siano fotoscioppate, non solo per i colori fastidiosamente vivi.

dal suo sito (il grassetto è mio):

Par-delà l’équilibre de ces compositions, l’auteur éclate les règles du genre documentaire, jouant du montage et de la couleur pour nous présenter une sorte de « réalité augmentée ».

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The “Little Dolls” series is ambiguous. Neither family photography nor advertising imagery, the representation oscillates between womanhood and childhood, fantasy and reality. The digital technology subtly infiltrates the image, as the aesthetic codes of adults have impregnated the world of childhood. The digital photographic creation that I present here with “Little Dolls” wants before all to mirror our society, reflect the children’s dreams and their parents’ fantasies.

E poi, chiaro che le cargo bikes siano photoshoppate: va bhè che sono cinesi, ma portare diversi quintali di copertoni con una bici non credo sia una cosa fattibile... (qualcuno ha chiamato Captain Obvious?)

A me mi piacciono.

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