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Ciao da Sydney, Australia


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Ciao da Sydney, Australia

Mi chiamo Marco, sono in visita in Italia entro la fine dell'anno così ho pensato di unire il forum per vedere l'azione.

Il mio italiano è povero, ma sentitevi liberi di scrivere in inglese se volete praticare

Questa è la mia bici


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well welcome in advance! where are you going?

and btw, I predict a lot of people will ask you to bring some velocity rims over!


ps: nice bike!

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Grazie per il benvenuto

Immagino che questo è un buon modo di praticare il mio italiano prima di venire in Italia, con l'aiuto di Google:)

io e mia moglie si recherà in tutta Italia e in totale mi trascorso 3 settimane e mezzo, ma più che probabile di almeno 4-5 giorni a Roma dove ho la famiglia.

Mi piacerebbe davvero vivere la scena di "fixie in Italia. Tutti gli eventi durante l'inizio di agosto, sarebbe bene conoscere

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welcome in this forum.

RIding the fixed in Italy is very exciting,because the traffic is always insane,but in the same time the streets are very damaged and is a really easy to get hurt.

Are you goin to do a bike touring or just a regular vacation?

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Gennaio is very nice here in Sydney, most people take holidays at that time, summer and school hoildays roads are also quieter :) you will like it


My holiday will not include much cycling much to my disappointment, I also ride road, and mountain bikes here :) We will do a cycle tour in Paris, i hope to do MTB in Croatia and who knows i might even ride fixed some where in Italy.

It is only 5 weeks now until I leave I have not even booked all of my accommodation for Italy, we start our trip in Bari from Dubrovnik.

i will actually be in Milan around the 6/7/10 so i am also keeping an eye on the Milano fixed blog

No doubt like Sydney, Italy has suburbs that are more prominent fixed gear ridden, this would be great to know

Here in Sydney, Newtown, Paddington, Darlinghurst will have you spot fixed bike, as well as the CBD in general


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