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Hello everyone. I'm a French rider from Marseille. I have a special love for riding between Marseille and Vintimille and i will push my ride to Genova. I registrate my self on this forum to know if some of you ride from Genova to France, If Genova fixed community has a Facebook and if some of you will ride with me maybe the week of 20 to 27 specially the 23th 24th. I have for project to come in your city, in bicycle ;)

I will be very happy to share my appartement with some of you if you come to ride France. I live in Marseille. We have a Facebook page named FIXED GEAR MARSEILLE, FGM join us :)

Just for fun i ride a alu frame Décathlon (we have made track ends) with Cinelli alter, Cinelli Milano, SMP Carbon, Mavic STARFISH, MAvic Cosmic front wheel, Omega rear Wheel ( will change next month for Mavic Cosmic rear), Look SPD pedals "carbon", Seat post no name (will change for cinelli vaio) and JDD shimano 105 (will change for Mavic). My ratio is 48*15 not enough skidpatch but very good for my low velocity capacity.

You can see it on the photo, seat is sella Italia, not SMP.

On facebook my name is Ernest Shackelton.


I have no phone and for the moment no internet in my house. And i don't speak Italian but i will learn :p

Just speak a quite good French and quite English.

I wait your answers guy, hope to see you.



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