Corto commissionato da Hutchinson pneumatici.

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non aspettatevi evoluzioni o chi sa che....solo un gran bel video girato a New York.....Buona visione


Directed by Daniel Leeb of Cinecycle Productions.

This short film features Alfred Bobe Jr. and Fatimah Durkee. The film spins a visual ballad between the two cyclists experiencing the city in their own unique ways. Both cyclists are city dwellers who amidst the chaos of the concrete jungle have created a private and peaceful psychological space as they traverse the streets. They are both alone and yet they are both very much aware of each others presence. The film speaks to the harmony with one's environment that can be found while riding a bicycle in a city and the synchronistic connection we can have with those we have not even met. The short was commissioned by Hutchinson tires.

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Veramente un bel video! La Masi fà paura....per un attimo mi ha fatto voglia di mettere gli attacchi e togliere le gabbiette!

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