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in realtà spiegano tutto e molto in dettaglio,


The BikeSpike ships with a wall charging unit and the bike can be brought near an outlet and be charged without removing the device.  This is the primary way to recharge the device but for bicycles that cannot be brought into a garage or home or do not have access to an external outlet the BikeSpike can be recharge in 3 ways:

- Using the unique BikeSpike proprietary key, the security screws can be removed along with the device so it can be brought near an outlet.

- The BikeSpike uses the industry standard micro USB port found on many cell phones, allowing users to leave the device on the bike and recharge with their favorite external battery charger like these found on amazon.

- Users can maintain a continuous charge with the purchase of an additional cable if they have a dynamo or an on-board power supply (ebikes, motorcyles)



Vogliono però 5 dollari al mese.

+1 per la Stealth Location del device.

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