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We are a team of professionals with many years of experience in producing fake frames

and other bicycle stuffs, best quality producers of fake crap. With

more than 10 million frames circulating in the world.

We offer only original high qualities of true-false cinelli, mash, masi, de rosa, rossin, colnago, stelbel, galmozzi 

and other products for a number of passive gay forum like this-


We can improve your PALMARES with fake criterium, alleycat, truefalse gold sprint and skid competition with true false 3kms of skid!!!


This list is not complete.

For additional information and place the order just

contact @t'omby .

 if you are interessed we can also provide true false-dildo, cinelli laser with false venturi effect, fake chinese massage therapist and high quality erotic seat post with no saddle just to enjoy anal riding.

For more informations ask to @frabike

grazie e anche oggi la giornata "inizia" (anche se è iniziata alle 7) con un sorriso

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